“Have you heard of the Chastain Home?”

“Have you heard of the Chastain Home?”

It never fails to amaze me when I ask people from Halifax County “Are you familiar with the Chastain Home?” and they say “No.”  So, I’ll just take a moment to clarify some of the details.

The Chastain Home for Gentlewomen has been in operation for 65 years as of this past March. Many of the County natives have either not heard of the home or they have and don’t know exactly what its function and mission is. I was once told that “It has unintentionally been the best kept secret in Halifax County.”

  • The Chastain Home for Gentlewomen is a residential living home licensed for 8 residents. It has a comfortable, loving and inviting atmosphere.
  • It is affordable to every woman because the cost of living is based on income and assets.
  • Each resident enjoys a private bedroom with adjoining bathroom, in which they can decorate as they see fit.
  • Home cooked meals are served in the dining room three times a day and housekeeping is also provided.
  • Residents can bring their car and carry on their daily routines or create new ones!

These are just some of the simple facts but they tell nothing of the staff’s compassion for the residents in the home or the inspiring history behind the home.  I’ll save that for another day!

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The Hearts Behind The Home: Our Board of Directors

The Hearts Behind The Home:  Our Board of Directors

I am delighted to introduce you to the members of our Board of Directors.

Left to Right Front Row: Jane Carlton Confroy (Board member), Dorothy Throckmorton (Home Administrator), Hugh Edmunds (Board Member)

Left to Right Back Row: Bates Chappell (Treasurer), Connie Zamora (Board Member), Tucker Henley (Board President), Carl Espy (Board Member) Not Pictured: Brokenbrough Lamb (Board Member) 

They all bring great enthusiasm and business expertise, and we are so grateful for their participation.  

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